I can't be the only one that feels like I'm a little lost lately? I don't know what to do with myself. I don't know what I should be studying in the bible. I'm just struggling. Ideas that would make other Christians think that I'm too radical make sense to me. I feel that I've... Continue Reading →

Christian BS

I have an embrassing story to tell everyone. I'm not proud of it. In fact I'm humbled by it. I think that what I learned from it is valuable. I'm hoping by writing about it I can help someone. I've been a dedicated Christian for seven years now and still I'm amazed by the things... Continue Reading →


No one would choose to be sick. No one chooses this crazy life that we are on. This is my prayer this morning, Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, I don't want to get out of bed. I don't want to deal with the trials that I'm currently going through. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick... Continue Reading →

Hope for 2019

Life is funny. Everyone has problems. I hate talking about mine but here I go about to reveal my deepest thoughts on the internet...Here are a couple things that have been going on in my life to give y 'all some perspective. My biological Dad collapsed after open gifts this Christmas. Thank God that we... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Father

Dear Heavenly Father, I'm sorry to have ever doubted your Will for my life. I'm sorry that I have a hard time getting out of bed. I'm sorry that I'm not more loving. I'm sorry that I let others steal my joy. I'm sorry that sometimes I misuse the gifts you have given me. I'm... Continue Reading →

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