I Love You, Anyway

My Dad is a hard topic for me. He moved to the small town I live in this year. I've had more contact with him this year than I have in seven years at least. It's caused me to have to deal with a lot of issues. I've had to look at what it means... Continue Reading →

The Other Side

I've been working on a novel for what feels like forever. I'm currently having a hard time writing it because I have to put my main character through hell. I know that on the other side she's going to be a better person. She's going to learn and grow. I just find myself unable to... Continue Reading →

Hope Again…

I have found that I have hope in Christ again. Not that everything will work out how I want it too. Things may get much, much worse. We may never get back to normal, not at least how we once knew it. That's okay because Christ is still with us. No matter what happens if... Continue Reading →

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