Belated Father’s Day

We are all fortunate to be able to call God our Father. To cover us. To help us. To guide us. Thank you Heavenly Father, You have accepted me as Your child. I'm a gentile, I have been grafted into the vine. Thank you for providing me with a Christian step-father who was willing to... Continue Reading →

Some Good News

I got to see my neurologist and he doesn't think I have MS. In fact he sees no point in even putting me through more tests. He believes that all it would do is create more stress for me. I have been officially diagnosed with migraines. It's something that I've been dealing with since I... Continue Reading →

A Thankful Update

I wanted to let those that cared on here that I seem to be doing better lately. My life hasn't drastically changed but I'm trying to look at things differently. I seem to be better at letting things go. The past is the past. It's made me who I am which is good and bad.... Continue Reading →

Christian BS

I have an embrassing story to tell everyone. I'm not proud of it. In fact I'm humbled by it. I think that what I learned from it is valuable. I'm hoping by writing about it I can help someone. I've been a dedicated Christian for seven years now and still I'm amazed by the things... Continue Reading →

Merry Merry

This is what the spirit of Christmas looks like to me. Focusing on giving. Giving because God through His son Jesus Christ has given us everything. Merry Christmas!

I’ve Been Working on Something…

my teespring store I've never tired to link something so I hope this works. I have been making designs for a while and I feel like I should share them. Here is a sample of my work. If you like it check out my store. Thanks.  


I've been wondering how much I owe people lately. How much time should I be spending with my friends? Family? How much quiet time do I need? Am I selfishly spending my time? In the last while I can feel my life shifting. Things are changing for me. I'm just not so sure of things... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Father

Dear Heavenly Father, I'm sorry to have ever doubted your Will for my life. I'm sorry that I have a hard time getting out of bed. I'm sorry that I'm not more loving. I'm sorry that I let others steal my joy. I'm sorry that sometimes I misuse the gifts you have given me. I'm... Continue Reading →

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