I’ve been wondering how much I owe people lately. How much time should I be spending with my friends? Family? How much quiet time do I need? Am I selfishly spending my time?

In the last while I can feel my life shifting. Things are changing for me. I’m just not so sure of things as I was. I feel like God was there with me but now He wants me to prioritize differently. I’m just confused.

It’s been a week since I wrote this and I can’t say I’ve got an answer to my questions. I think that maybe the point is that I’m trying. Trying to seek God in my everyday life. Trying to understand what I should be doing. Trying to get past the things I know I shouldn’t be doing. Trying to be a better person for Him because nothing else matters.

life is confusing




  1. T. R. Noble says:

    I’ve been going over your posts and so sad in some of them I can’t comment ❤ It's hard when you feel so isolated and going through a really trying time. Adjustments to different situations and changes of life do not happen overnight for everyone. God may work on us immediately or gradually. But He is still God and He is still the Potter. I believe He absolutely will use you, your uniqueness, your story, and yes, even flaws to reach others even when it does not make sense.


    1. I hope that I can give people hope by being honest. Even when my struggles scare me.

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      1. T. R. Noble says:

        I believe God will use you ❤


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