I survived getting hit in the head with glass that could have killed me

On April 6th, 2018 I was injured at work. I remember the impact of the glass and then I remember the sound of the glass shattering. It happened so fast. Accidents happen like that I guess. They are unexpected and they can make you rethink life. I went home that day and was amazed that I walked away with only minor cuts. Getting hit in the head with glass from a window was not part of any plan that I had.

I felt God with me as soon as it happened. His presence was so strong that I didn’t even have to pray. I knew He was there. After the shock wore off, I was able to joke and laugh about what happen. I went home from work early and looked forward to getting back to work the next day; My plan was to hug everyone. My plan didn’t go as planned.

I woke up with a nasty headache. This didn’t surprise me. Given my history of migraines and what I had just gone through. I went into work and found myself to be slow but I felt like I could manage. Then I became nauseas and my headache felt different from my normal migraines. By the time I got in to see a doctor that day I had lost my sense of balance. I was told that I had a concussion. Two days of bedrest. Four days later I still had not improved enough to return to work. I could barely take care of my basic needs. I slept on our hide-a-bed couch for a good chunk of the week.

I’m just now getting my self built back up to handle life. I want even more to serve God, since He clearly still has a plan for me. Before the accident I was struggling with depression. Now life feels more like the gift I knew it to be.

My first post on this blog was the post about I vison I had. In it I was in the desert, me as I was at that time. You see I thought that 2017 was a rough year in my life. I thought that God was going to reward me for going through it by allowing me to return to my favorite place on earth: The American Southwest. Now, I feel like it was a warning. That I was in a spiritual desert. That I am being prepared for something that God has for me.

This accident has weirdly given me hope. Given me purpose. I want to live my best life for Christ so that others may know and have the relationship with God that I do.

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