thank you, Ann

I have just finished reading “A Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. I had no idea that being thankful for my everyday life could be the key to the joy that I’m missing. Ann’s writing is poetic in a wait I need to read that again kind of a way. She makes you see the beauty in the everyday while still managing to show you the struggles that she too faces.

It amazes me how God can put the words that you need to hear through someone else. Late last year I came across her newer book “The Broken Way”. So, I read it first. I read it slow. It means so much to me. I love the way it connects our brokenness to God. By focusing on God we can find the healing we crave. In the meantime He has plans for us. Plans to help others which leads to us ultimately serving Him. I could just cry even talking about this book. I know I’m not giving it justice.

I gave “The Broken Way” to a good Christian friend of mine. It looks like it will make the rounds before it makes it back to me. If it even makes it back to me. Which wouldn’t even bother me that much. I’ll just buy five more copies, one to keep, the rest to give away. I would say that both of Ann Voskamp’s books should be on your must read list. Ann after reading so many of your personal thoughts and struggles all I really want to say to you is thank you.


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