Breathe with God, Not with Your own Strength

I want to project an image of togetherness, of Christ-likeness, and if I’m completely honest perfection. I don’t think I’m unquine in this desire. I think the internet makes it easy to be dishonest. To show off the best parts of ourselves. Today, I’m going to be brutally honest in the hope that it helps someone else.

The law of the prophets can be summed up by saying that we should love God and love our neighbors. This I understand. This I try and live.

But I took this too literally. At work I let people walk all over me. This has left me feeling stressed. This has also left my physical body weak. In fact I’ve been sick with the flu for two weeks now. During that time of being able to do nothing I’ve done some thinking. Then I did some overthinking. Then I panicked about what people would think about me. Then I went to God about my problems. Then I actually got some answers.

Jesus was a good person but He was not a push over. He forgave but He also took time for himself. It’s important for us as Christian to take time to recharge by spending time with God. That way when God calls upon us to help someone, our answer will be yes. Without that time with God our answer can be a snap. A no, I can’t possible do this because I’m too _______.  You can fill in the blank.

I encourage you all to find balance in your lives. For each one of you that’s going to look different. Find ways to spend time with God. Invite Him into the areas of your life that you feel are lacking in that connection with Him.

He will come and share a moment with you wherever you are, whatever you are doing.


Don’t let the need to people please and your own desire to be accepted ruin you. I think it hurt me pretty good. Trying not only to love someone but to make them have some concept of God’s love is a noble goal. Doing it out of your own strength is not what God intended. He means for us to walk with Him. To do the things He has for us out of love for Him. In doing things this way we find joy, hope, and peace.

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